Anhydrous Magnesium Chloride

SRC Worldwide Inc is able to consistently produce a low moisture magnesium chloride product that meets the demanding customer specifications. We offer multiple particle sizes to suit many different applications. They key markets of SRC Worldwide Inc’s magnesium chloride are the Ziegler Natta Catalyst systems, animal food additive, flame retardant, specialty lab chemicals, water treatment, and anti-icing applications. The consistent quality that is produced has been recognized by many industries around the world.

Fused Fluxes

SRC has developed processes that produce premium fluxes for the control and refining of molten metal, primarily magnesium. Our fused fluxes are especially low in moisture, promoting safety and overall product quality. Plus, they offer higher value due to the homogeneous chemistry and quality of materials we use.

Blended Fluxes

Second only to our fused fluxes, our blended fluxes provide added scope for the chemistry often required but unavailable in a fused flux. Consistency and quality materials used in the correct formulations make our blended fluxes perform well in each of their intended applications.

Your Unique Flux

Let us know what type of product you need and what type of application that product will be used in, and we will see what we can come up with for you. We will make sure that the product we create for you is both safe and effective, and we will make sure that it gives you the end results that you seek.


SRC provides numerous packaging options for our products including bags, drums, bulk sacks and more. We collaborate with our customers to suggest the most cost-effective and safe packaging option for domestic and overseas shipments. We want to ensure your product gets to you safely, plus without damage. That is why we want to work with you to find out which package is going to offer you the best product upon arrival. Flux is our business, so we know what can give you and how to make sure you get the final result you desire. Talk with us about the specific applications you plan to use, and we will work with you to provide the right formulation of anhydrous magnesium to complete your task.